Kuro Kare

Our Kuro Kare is another one of our house original Japanese Curry dishes, which combines a rich assortment of 10 spices, along with chicken and pork broth.

Our special chicken and pork broth is simmered for over 6 hours to perfection. This intensive process allows for our curry to achieve a dark hue packed with many familiar and traditional Japanese curry tastes. Our secret Kuro Kare paste is what makes this dish so special and has our customers coming back for more. This Japanese inspired paste is the key ingredient that makes our sauces so special, delicious and of dark consistency. Our Kuro Kare curry sauce is topped with the crispiest pork or tofu cutlet in the city of Montreal. Our cutlets are coated in homemade unique Japanese batter, which then get tossed in panko breadcrumbs and are deep-fried.

They are so crispy and delicious, cooked to perfection. With vegan and vegetarian versions available, this dish is suitable for everyone.



OPEN BETWEEN 17:00 – 21:00